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Caspian Franchise -  The Government is interested in the development of franchising
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 The Government is interested in the development of franchising


Zaur Guliyev, Commercial Director, Saloglu

- We welcome the holding of the first franchising forum in Baku. Our company itself is a franchise partner of several Turkish furniture manufacturers, and at the same time, we provide Saloglu franchises in Azerbaijan.

That is why we were interested in visiting the forum. Franchising in Azerbaijan needs propaganda. This direction in the economy is very common in the world, which is proved by figures and facts announced yesterday at the conference. Franchising contributes to the development of business, the creation of new jobs, the influx of investment in countries and funds to the country's budget. I think it is in the interests of the Government to develop this area.

Such events perfectly reveal the essence of franchising, explain its advantages and difference from other types of entrepreneurial activity. At the same time, attracting foreign companies to Azerbaijan, we need to form our national franchise brand and promote it on the world stage, first of all, in the CIS countries and Europe. To do this, we have the potential that this forum should unleash.

I can say that the forum will advance the work of our company to create a franchise network for several months in advance. Forum visitors became closer to understanding the essence of franchising, its advantages and risks, which has brought them even closer to us.